Types of Parking Bays

Business Parking Bays

If you have a business or work for a company and work from a commercial property within a Borough, then you may be able to apply to your local council for a permit, depending on which council and which area these will cost around a couple of hundred pounds for a year.

In order to apply you must be employed by the company, and you company must be prepared to pay for the permit on the company credit card or cheque. You must have good reason that you need to drive to work rather than use public transport and you must ensure you have business car insurance, not every council will require these but always best to check.

Once you have made your application to the council and have received your parking permit, you must display the permit whenever parking in a business bay, to find a suitable bay the sign posts will usually read:

Business permit holders only, business permit holders or pay at machine or permit holders only, if you are not sure where to park then always contact your local council.

Be careful

Always check the signs to make sure the bay you park in doesn’t change, from time to time, the local council may change where you can park overnight and if you haven’t checked the signs you will get a parking ticket.

Disabled Parking Bays

Blue badge holder parking bays, this is a scheme running throughout the UK except for central London due to high congestion, so if you are outside of London the rules are usually the same everywhere.

If you hold a blue badge then you are entitled to park in disabled parking bays. If you are not a blue badge holder then you will be given a parking ticket for parking in a disabled bay.

When parking in a disabled bay you must display your blue badge, even if you are a holder you will be given a ticket, so always remember to keep it on display.

When parking in a disabled bay you must make sure you follow the Department for Transport conditions of use, otherwise you may get a ticket.

If you are caught using somebody else’s blue badge, this may be a criminal offence and you could be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000.00

If you have misused your blue badge your local authority is entitled to take it back, a blue bade is the property of the local authority and they can take it away from you if you have been caught lending it to someone else, if you have copied or falsely created a blue badge, failing to show a policeman or traffic warden your blue badge when asked or other kinds of dishonesty when using or not using a blue badge.

If you have been caught fraudulently using a blue badge then it is always best to take legal advice.

Loading Bays

Loading bays are probably the most common reason for parking tickets, there never seems to be anytime you can park in a loading bay without a traffic warden issuing a ticket!

Most loading bays have different rules and they should be clearly marked on a sign next to the bays. It is important to check them each time you use them as they may change from time to time.

If you have a blue badge you still may not be able to park in a loading bay, you can only use your blue badge if the sign next to the loading pay says so.

If you need to use a loading bay, you must make sure that it is clear you are loading or unloading and you need to be able to prove this if you have been given a ticket by the traffic warden, there also must be no alternative parking where you are unloading or loading. As soon as you have finished you must make sure you move the vehicle straight away.

If you are loading or unloading then you must make sure it’s clearly visible so maybe leave a box by your car or van, or leave a door open, but obviously nothing valuable and keep a close eye on your vehicle at all times.

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Drink Driving Offence

You can re apply for your driving license only once your driving ban has ended. If you apply any sooner you might have to wait even longer before you can drive again

If this it is your first conviction most insurers will ask if you have any convictions in the last 5 years. But the convictin will stay on your record with the DVLA for over 10 years

Yes. Only a uniformed constable can stop you, they must have goon reason to suspect you have been driving, attempting to drive, or in charge of a vehicle with alcohol in your body or you've committed a motoring offence.

Careless Driving

Careless diriving is when your standard of driving is considered to be below what is expected of a reasonable and prudent driver. You do not have to be driving a motor vehicle to be charged with this offence, you can be driving any mechanically propelled motor vehicle. The driving offence does not have to take place on a public road either, the offence can be committed on any place which the public have access.

It is possible depending on how serious your offence is. You can lose between 3 - 9 points on your license and recieve up to a �2,500 fine. It is always best be represented in court to help avoid losing your license.

It is not compulsory to have a solicitor, but highly advisable to seek some kind of legal advice. If you have a defence a solicitor can help fight your corner.