Get your licence back after Suspension

A driver who has been banned from driving can make an application to court for their licence back, but the application can only be made after a certain length of time has passed after the ban.

If you received a ban of less than four years they can apply for their licence back early after 2 years since they were disqualified. If you received a ban of between 4 an 10 years then you must wait until you have passed the half way mark of your ban before you can apply for an early release. For a ban of over 10 years you must wait for at least 5 years before you can apply for an early release.

If enough time has passed an you can apply for your licence back then you must apply to the magistrates court where you were disqualified in writing (find the details of your local magistrates court with our court finder) When sending the application you should include as much information as possible including you name address, D.O.B and the case number. It is always best to seek legal advice whenever dealing with the courts. A driving licence can be very valuable so its worth spending a bit of money to give you a better chance of getting your licence back early. In any event its worth finding out how much they would charge and what help they can offer. Please see our find a solicitor page to find your local driving solicitor.

It can be quite difficult to get your licence back early and the more common reasons are for family needs, health reasons or new employment reasons. You can make your representations to the court yourself or you could have a solicitor or barrister to represent you at court to help fight your corner.

Always make sure you are prepared and go over the top on how you can prove you need your licence back, if you have been to rehabilitation or have had any other help or support, or references from employees will be useful.

The Court will look at the original disqualification and this will have an impact on their decision, so try and be prepared to change their opinion for example if you were an alcoholic try and show that you have been to counselling or rehabilitation.

If the court decides that you are not ready to have your licence back early then you will have to wait a further 3 months before you can re apply, so be prepared and its always best to have legal representation or at least seek legal advice from a solicitor before you go to court.

Drink Driving Offence

You can re apply for your driving license only once your driving ban has ended. If you apply any sooner you might have to wait even longer before you can drive again

If this it is your first conviction most insurers will ask if you have any convictions in the last 5 years. But the convictin will stay on your record with the DVLA for over 10 years

Yes. Only a uniformed constable can stop you, they must have goon reason to suspect you have been driving, attempting to drive, or in charge of a vehicle with alcohol in your body or you've committed a motoring offence.

Careless Driving

Careless diriving is when your standard of driving is considered to be below what is expected of a reasonable and prudent driver. You do not have to be driving a motor vehicle to be charged with this offence, you can be driving any mechanically propelled motor vehicle. The driving offence does not have to take place on a public road either, the offence can be committed on any place which the public have access.

It is possible depending on how serious your offence is. You can lose between 3 - 9 points on your license and recieve up to a �2,500 fine. It is always best be represented in court to help avoid losing your license.

It is not compulsory to have a solicitor, but highly advisable to seek some kind of legal advice. If you have a defence a solicitor can help fight your corner.