What effect will a driving ban have on my insurance

A Driving ban is usually given by the court to punish all drivers who have made unacceptable mistakes, such as drink driving, careless accidents, speeding, and other offences. This ban will almost certainly have an impact on your vehicle insurance directly.

This page has some information of the impact a driving ban or driving offence can have on your vehicle insurance. Different insurance companies may have different responses to different driving bans and offences. You should therefore contact your insurance company to ask about the effect a driving ban will have on your insurance.

Breach of car insurance contract

This is the most common situation that usually happens after you have been given a ban. Most companies are going to terminate your insurance contract immediately. They do not want to give protection to some drivers who do not have a legal driving licence. Most of them argue that they are not able to cover any losses that can be caused by drivers without a valid licence. This decision is usually taken by the insurance companies once they receive the ban report from the court. Your insurance company does not take too much time in terminating your contract. In many cases, you should be able to get a refund for the unused coverage period, if you don’t its always worth asking for one just incase.

Higher insurance premium

You can still find some car insurance companies that can give protection without your driving license. However, they usually charge a very expensive premium. You may enjoy protection from these companies by paying the premium but its probably not worth it considering you wont be able to drive the car, but depending on where you keep your car if it gets stolen or damaged you may check you may want to check you are covered. This is another common option that people usually use to protect themselves after they have been disqualified from driving. The price of a new premium can be more than double what you were paying before.

The insurance has minimum coverage

This is another negative impact that you may get from your insurance provider. After your driving license is banned, you can contact some insurance companies to protect yourself and your car without a driving license. Most companies usually offer very minimum coverage for all drivers without a legal licence.

Those are some negative impacts that you may get after you have been disqualified from driving. It is important to contact several local car insurance agents. They should know the best insurance company that can give protection for drivers who do not have licence. However, be prepared for very expensive quote.

Drink Driving Offence

You can re apply for your driving license only once your driving ban has ended. If you apply any sooner you might have to wait even longer before you can drive again

If this it is your first conviction most insurers will ask if you have any convictions in the last 5 years. But the convictin will stay on your record with the DVLA for over 10 years

Yes. Only a uniformed constable can stop you, they must have goon reason to suspect you have been driving, attempting to drive, or in charge of a vehicle with alcohol in your body or you've committed a motoring offence.

Careless Driving

Careless diriving is when your standard of driving is considered to be below what is expected of a reasonable and prudent driver. You do not have to be driving a motor vehicle to be charged with this offence, you can be driving any mechanically propelled motor vehicle. The driving offence does not have to take place on a public road either, the offence can be committed on any place which the public have access.

It is possible depending on how serious your offence is. You can lose between 3 - 9 points on your license and recieve up to a �2,500 fine. It is always best be represented in court to help avoid losing your license.

It is not compulsory to have a solicitor, but highly advisable to seek some kind of legal advice. If you have a defence a solicitor can help fight your corner.